mini size green label ramen from Japan

Rating: 0.9

My friend Xing brought me two ramen samples from Japan and thus, I have returned from my ramen reviewing hiatus.

With no English text on the package I am left to decipher its contents by direct experience, a prospect I find most thrilling.

Upon peeling back the lid half way, there is a large soy cake resembling a miniature pizza with dehydrated pieces of tomato and green peas. I added hot water and applied the broth packet, resealing it using the foil tab that was clearly intended for this purpose. After three minutes I proceeded to open and consume, hopeful that there were no specialized cooking requirements my untrained eyes were unable to detect.

This ramen comes in a small form factor for increased portability at the tradeoff of having less physical space for edible content. The savory broth and rich soy cake more than made up for its small volume. I would highly recommend this ramen for hearty sustenance when mobility is the topmost priority.


Yomise-no Yakisoba Kaimi-Mayo

Rating: .95

This is not ramen, it's yakisoba.  That's one of the only english words on the package.  The other words are "Enjoy! Mayo-Beam," OMG this is going to be so awesome.

Yomise-no Yakisoba Kaimi-Mayo

This package was hand delivered from Japan by my good friend and colleague from UW, Barbara.  Any time a friend brings me a gift back from Japan I feel compelled to give it the highest respect.  So I diligently followed the instructions on the package and endeavored to write a review.

This yakisoba is superb in every way.  The sauces and flavor packets combine with the drained noodles to form the optimal instant meal.  Reconstituted cabbage tasted as fresh as the real thing.  The Mayo-Beam lived up to the hype as it efficiently and evenly dispensed its contents to the noodles.  

The Japanese really know how to do it.

Sapporo Ichiban Japanese style noodles & original flavored-soup

Rating: 0.80

This is a solid, no-nonsense ramen.  It has a clear, salty broth and thick egg noodles that are best served al dente.  A highly refined balance of exactly what you might expect in a ramen.  Exceptionally regular.

I'm including the extra significant digit in my 0.80 rating to indicate that this is the bar for instant ramen that I would want to always have available around the house.  


Vifon oriental style instant vermicelli sour crab flavour soup

rating: 0.6

Vifon 0riental style instant vermicelli sour crab flavor

Sour crab flavor wasn't sour enough, that was disappointing.  

Comes with many flavor packets including caramelized onions and a hearty soup paste.

There are illustrated instructions for how to cook on the back of the package, which I did not follow.  I have only myself to blame for the rice noodles being too soggy. 

All things considered, I will give this ramen the benefit of the doubt with a mid-range rating.

Mama Oriental Style Instant Noodles Shrimp Flavor (Tom Yum)

rating: 0.85

Mama Oriental Style Instant Noodles Shrimp Flavor (Tom Yum)

This ramen was one of my standard staples for years when I needed to stay up late and animate.  This one and the creamy version that comes in a gold foil package.  It's tangy, spicy flavor is mouth-wateringly addicting.  I know it can't be good for me, I can't even pronounce most of the ingredients, but how can I resist?  And there is enough MSG to send my pulse into triple digits.  Aside from the assumed negative health benefits, I can see nothing wrong with this fine work of ramen art.