Yomise-no Yakisoba Kaimi-Mayo

Rating: .95

This is not ramen, it's yakisoba.  That's one of the only english words on the package.  The other words are "Enjoy! Mayo-Beam," OMG this is going to be so awesome.

Yomise-no Yakisoba Kaimi-Mayo

This package was hand delivered from Japan by my good friend and colleague from UW, Barbara.  Any time a friend brings me a gift back from Japan I feel compelled to give it the highest respect.  So I diligently followed the instructions on the package and endeavored to write a review.

This yakisoba is superb in every way.  The sauces and flavor packets combine with the drained noodles to form the optimal instant meal.  Reconstituted cabbage tasted as fresh as the real thing.  The Mayo-Beam lived up to the hype as it efficiently and evenly dispensed its contents to the noodles.  

The Japanese really know how to do it.