mini size green label ramen from Japan

Rating: 0.9

My friend Xing brought me two ramen samples from Japan and thus, I have returned from my ramen reviewing hiatus.

With no English text on the package I am left to decipher its contents by direct experience, a prospect I find most thrilling.

Upon peeling back the lid half way, there is a large soy cake resembling a miniature pizza with dehydrated pieces of tomato and green peas. I added hot water and applied the broth packet, resealing it using the foil tab that was clearly intended for this purpose. After three minutes I proceeded to open and consume, hopeful that there were no specialized cooking requirements my untrained eyes were unable to detect.

This ramen comes in a small form factor for increased portability at the tradeoff of having less physical space for edible content. The savory broth and rich soy cake more than made up for its small volume. I would highly recommend this ramen for hearty sustenance when mobility is the topmost priority.